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Jessica Alba Is All Business in Sexy Career Outfit

Jessica Alba Is All Business in Sexy Career Outfit

Jessica Alba Is All Business in Sexy Career Outfit on Forbes Cover, Almost Made 50 Richest Self-Made Women List
Jessica Alba is known for more than just her sexy movie roles—the actress is a "self-made woman" worth up to $200 million, who helped form what is now a $1 billion company, according to Forbes.
The 34-year-old Sin City star, who makes an appearance in the new Entourage movie, sports a revealing outfit on the cover of the financial magazine's June 15, 2015 issue, showing cleavage, smiling and crossing her arms in what appears to be a white bandage dress with black trimming, covered by a satin black blazer.

The issue contains a list of 50 richest self-made women in the United States, the first such roster published by the magazine. Alba is not included in the list but is featured as one of eight "women to watch," which also includes Taylor Swift , 25, andSandra Bullock, 50. All three are estimated to be worth $200 million, according to Forbes.
Jessica Alba, Forbes Magazine

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Elizabeth Holmes, the 31-year-old founder and CEO of Theranos, a healthcare technology company that revolutionized blood testing, tops Forbes' list of richest self-made women with $4.5 billion.
Oprah Winfrey, 61, is No. 3 with $3 billion, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, 45, is No. 16 with $1.1 billion, Madonna, 56, is No. 28 with $520 million and Beyoncé, 33, and Judge Judy's Judith Sheindlin, 72, tie for 49th place with $250 million—$50 million more than Alba.
The actress, a married mother of two daughters, makes most of her money from the Honest Company, a business she co-founded in 2012 that offers eco-friendly baby, bath, cleaning and wellness products. Alba owns between 15 and 20 percent of the company, which is valued to be worth $1 billion, Forbes said.
The actress was inspired to start the venture after having difficulties finding such items while pregnant with her eldest child, Honor, and following her birth in 2008. The company has 350 employees, including Alba's mother, Cathy.
"I want beautiful design like everybody else. But it shouldn't be premium-priced, and it should, of course, be safe," the actress told Forbes about what she looks for in products. "And the natural diapers: Why do they have to look like your baby's wearing a brown bag?"

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